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TC3 @ Kincumber Hotel

Here is a short video of what went down yesterday. We had a great time, can`t wait to get back down to kincumber Hotel and do it all again!  

Album Update

Stag & Hunter gig
Hey Gang! I`m sitting here in my studio awaiting the first student of the afternoon rush. I`ve been listening to tracks from my upcoming solo record. This album has been in the works for a few years now.. i do bits and pieces where i can, or when i get

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Kids + Songwriting = Good Times!

Trent Family Guy
Guitar lessons ( with me! ) are not bound to just guitar. I have students incorperating singing, song writing, recording ( Pro Tools etc ), performance techniques and all round elements of being a musician during their weekly guitar lessons.  One of my students – Arlie Murphy – at just

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Trent Crawford TC3
Hey Ya`ll! Hope everyone is well and loving life out there! I been having myself a blast getting re acquainted with the electric guitar. I have spent the last 3 or so years so focused on acoustic instruments like the mandolin and banjo, and 90% of my gigging has been

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Gunnedah & Boggabri

Trent Crawford, Guitar teacher at East Gosford Music performing at the Commercial Hotel, Boggabri
Gunnedah & Boggabri over the weekend were a great time. Took my little family along for the trip and we had a blast. My little fella got up on stage for the first time ever!!! He played a bunch of harmonica and even had a crack at singing 2 songs!

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Tori Forsyth – Johnny & June

Tori Forsyth Trent Crawford
Tori Forsyth`s debut E.P “Blackbird” is a project i had the pleasure of producing and playing Guitar, Banjo & Bass on.     Above is the first single from it, Johnny & June! I am indeed biased – but i reckon its just bloody awesome!   Like it – Share it –

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The Wayward Henrys Album

The Wayward Henrys w/ Trent Crawford & Lachlan Bryan spent three days in Melbourne recording the WH debut album. I got to play some sweet pieces of gear… Old Archtop Kalamazoo, Royer Ribbons, Great River Pre`s… Was a good time. Here is the first single from their record, we did

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Tamworth CMF 2016

Trent Crawford Mandolin
I indeed has a great time in Tamworth 2016. There was a buzz this year around the Americana – Singer Songwriter circles… It was apparent that this is what people wanted to see, and support. I had the privilege of jamming w/ a bunch of talented humans whom i call

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Late Night Alt @ Tamworth 2016

We had us some good old times in Tamworth 2016! The Late Night Alt nights upstairs at The Tudor were indeed some of the best times. So many great artists – songs – players. I was lucky enough to throw a band together at the last minute for my set

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